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New Podcast Idea

MT Radio.Net is all about Community Internet Broadcasting!

We are always looking to the community and open for additional content to add to our station. Have you ever wanted your own podcast, to be the host of something you create and be heard across the world? Hosting your own radio show can be a very fun and rewarding experience, so if you have a compelling idea and are interested in broadcasting with MT Radio.Net then we want to hear from you!

Here are just some of the great reasons why you should broadcast with MT Radio.Net:

  • Internet streaming means your show is accessible to listeners all across the globe.
  • Quality microphones and headsets provided by SHURE offer a high-fidelity experience for your listeners.
  • Our in-house engineer gets you up to speed on the mic in no time and your show performing with quality production standards.
  • Access to our ever-expanding library of 100% independent music for use during your show.
  • Your show archived here at MT Radio.Net and packaged as Podcasts which are automatically submitted to Stitcher Radio and iTunes.
  • Studio call-in number and Skype for optional audience participation during live broadcasts.
  • No FCC, no censors; explicit content is permitted.

Broadcasting Options & Rates:

Package Description Rate
Fully-Engineered Show You come to our studio in Billings, MT where our engineer runs all the controls and ensures you sound your best. We can broadcast your show live or produce it off-air for later streaming on a regular schedule. We archive your show and submit it to Stitcher and iTunes. $48 / hr (*)
Podcast Only You produce and engineer your own show and send us a high-quality recording. We stream your show on a regular schedule, archive it, and submit it to Stitcher and iTunes. $16 / hr (*)

(*) hourly rates calculated based on the broadcast time of each episode.

While we do have worldwide reach, the majority of our listeners are in Montana so content with a local bend pertaining to the Montana region is encouraged, but not required.

Let’s Get Started!

Call us today with your idea at 406-545-4496, send a message to our MT Radio.Net Facebook Page, or send email to play{at} (replace {at} with @).