Montana Metal

Montana Metal

The Mistresses of Mayhem present Montana Metal!

Location: Butte
Type: Scheduled Stream and Podcast
Format: Local Music
Schedule: Weekly — Thursdays 7:00 PM
Duration: 1hr
First Aired: January, 2014
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This weekly show runs every Thursday at 7PM for an hour. Repeats Saturday at 5PM on MT Radio.Net.

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# Aired Description (click for player)
12 Apr 24 ’14 Kadmin, Eye for Indifference, Walking Corpse Syndrome, Fallen is Babylon, KaNcErUs, Shangri-La, Salmonrape, Stupid Human Suit, Nequiter, Shakefist
11 Apr 17 ’14 BEEFCurtain, Beneath the Kraken, Killer in Me, Disembodied Messiah, Walking Corpse Syndrome, Hellgate, Undun, Arctodus, MIP, Unicorn Cannery, Stupid Human Suit, Vengeance
10 Apr 3 ’14 Universal Choke Sign, Uncommon Evolution, Killin Kane, KaNcErUs, Loin Hammer, Arctodus, MIP, Salmonrape, Truth Lies in Secrets, Undun, Walking Corpse Syndrome
9 Mar 27 ’14 Salmonrape, Muddkikker, Walking Corpse Syndrome, Kadmin, Undun, ENDever, Beefcurtain, Vengeance, Engage the Unseen, Arctodus, KaNcErUs
8 Mar 20 ’14 Walking Corpse Syndrome, Beneath the Kraken, Blessiddoom, Fallen is Babylon, Stupid Human Suit, Beefcurtain, Arctodus, Unicorn Cannery, Tribe, Universal Choke Sign
7 Mar 6 ’14 Kadmin, Mahamawaldi, Salmonrape, Truth Lies in Secrets, Walking Corpse Syndrome, MIP, Vengeance, ENDever, KaNcErUs, Universal Choke Sign
6 Feb 27 ’14 Walking Corpse Syndrome, Arctodus, Universal Choke Sign, Muddkikker, Unicorn Cannery, Verities, Stupid Human Suit, Undun, Engage the Unseen, Kadmin, Salmonrape
5 Feb 20 ’14 Beef Curtain, Arctodus, Walking Corpse Syndrome, Salmonrape, KaNcErUs, Shangri-La, MIP, Undun, ENDever, Verities, Mahamawaldi
4 Feb 6 ’14 MIP, Verities, Engage the Unseen, Blessiddoom, Beef Curtain, Vengeance, Walking Corpse Syndrome, Kadmin, Mahamawaldi, Stupid Human Suit, Shangri-La, Universal Choke Sign
3 Jan 16 ’14 KaNcErUs, Salmon Rape, Muddkikker, ENDever, Walking Corpse Syndrome, Undun, Kadmin, Unicorn Cannery, Universal Choke Sign, Stupid Human Suit, Arctodus
2 Jan 9 ’14 Beef Curtain, Blessiddoom, Walking Corpse Syndrome, Kadmin, Mahamawaldi, Stupid Human Suit, Tribe, Killing Kane, Verities, Eye for Indifference, The Killer in Me
1 Jan 3 ’14 Walking Corpse Syndrome, Artcodus, ENDever, Universal Choke Sign, Vengeance, Kadmin, KaNcErUs, Stupid Human Suit, Engage the Unseen, Universal Choke Sign, Unicorn Cannery

Onslaught of metal!

The Mistresses of Mayhem host one awesome hour of metal! It's great to hear all the talented metal bands from Montana in one place!”
- Shawn

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