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Hello, I love this show! I am looking for the shows I missed, but there seems to be nothing archived after October 6. Will the shows after that be archived? Thank you for all you do and all you share!”
- Eve


I forgot to say in my rating/feedback that it would be great to be able to text in questions and feedback or instant messg.. Us with kids have a hard time getting to call in..”
- Amy


The shows are very entertaining and educational!!”
- Carrie

Love It

I absolutely love Mt Radio.Net.. I never really was a fan of talk radio and online radio until listening to all the great shows they have! I also really enjoy having a place to listen to local music!! Montana has some amazing talent and this station really works hard to get the music out there!! Thanks to you all!! :)”
- Amy W


Thanks for all the diversity and for playing local music.”
- Anonymous

Saturday show

It's cool when there are actual educated guests with facts and/ or evidence from the community to discuss significant issues. I however don't really dig having so many hosts on the Saturday show stressing their points without the facts/evidence or education to back themselves..”
- Tayler


Overall enjoy Mt”
- David


These guys do an amazing job of presenting information that you really can't get anywhere else. Such a diverse lineup of shows and great Montana music is a true boon to this community!”
- Anonymous - Expect Us


Some of the guys are condescending”
- Brooklyn

Local music, local shows!!

One of the most diverse radio stations on the internet! Their shows range from Psyc shows, to legal discussions, and even conspiracy theory talk shows! I love how they play local music, combined with new artists from around the world. Definitely a must tune in radio!”
- Warren Child

Love it!

Really appreciate what everyone is doing here. Keep it up!”
- Anonymous