Psight Unseen

Psight Unseen #9: Anxiety & Social Activism

Originally aired live on 2014-11-05

Every person listening is spiritually intuitive at some level. Last week the sun had an 80,000 mile wide sunspot with solar flares spewing out energy, affecting communications and moods, but did not emit a single CME. Is it possible that Earth-sized UFO’s are coming out of the sun, using the sun as a wormhole jump point? Caller Bill from Montana tells us about the Electric Sun Theory and how that might explain some of the extraterrestrial phenomena. Danielle tells us about Boyd Bushman, a scientist from Lockheed Martin, and what he has seen and dealt with.

We are in a time of heightened geothermal activity… Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii and a big one in Japan (shallow vent eruption). Danielle makes a psychic prediction about two more mountains in Japan blowing in the near future and she reminds us that we need to transcend our differences.

Go stand in the grass or the dirt (or touch a tree), for one minute each day, and draw in love through the heart chakra and send it back to the Earth… we are collectively feeling anxiety from future timelines. We are on the precipice of such humongous change globally, so don’t lose heart if your political party didn’t win the election. So many of those in power right now are fearful–big change is coming!