Psight Unseen

Psight Unseen #26: Power of Gratitude, The Right Life Path

Originally aired live on 2015-04-01

Light is the most powerful source in the universe, so focus on your ability to employ gratitude. Being in gratitude is about appreciating the now, sculpting that for which you are thankful and living in the moment. We must train ourselves away from the negative, for two things that cannot be in the same place at the same time are gratitude and bitterness.

After the break, Danielle asks us to consider how we can know if we’re not on our own life path? Don’t be afraid to apply a little work to your life when things get sticky… if you’re challenged it means you’re being educated with an arsenal of knowledge that will one day be useful to you.

Sometimes we are too afraid to change our course, so listen in to Psight Unseen for more great tips for harnessing gratitude and evaluating your current path!