Psight Unseen

Psight Unseen #24: Solar Storms, Space Weather, and Ghosts

Originally aired live on 2015-03-18

Our ionosphere is very important to not only protecting the Earth from space but also what we use for bouncing terrestrial radio signals around the globe. Yesterday’s G-4 solar storm has really rattled some people, especially empaths. Heightened loads of EM energy affect the EM organs of the body (the brain, heart) so it’s common for people to feel agitated. On average, it takes the human brain 48-72 hours to recover after significant EM activity.

Caller Dave, from Los Angeles, explains how he has been feeling very exhausted — when he closes his eyes he can get a sensation like swirling water.

After the break, Danielle moves into a discussion on ghosts and reminds us that now is a good time to communicate with your guides and spirits. Dave also joins us again and explains the difference between a residual haunting and an intelligent haunt. Stay tuned!