Psight Unseen

Psight Unseen #18: Retrograde Recommendations

Originally aired live on 2015-01-28

It’s another Mercury retrograde, and that means people are really struggling with issues of emotionality. Now is not a good time to start a new project, so get some old projects finished instead. Retrograde gives you the opportunity to see how to do something differently. Focus on the right now and what you can achieve in this moment. Evaluate as much as you can, but it’s not a good time to make big changes. However, now is a great time to receive body work, such as massages. Take this opportunity to write someone a letter (not type) — when you write by hand it forces the brain to slow down. Caller Brian, from Michigan, brings up a business deal slated to start towards the end of the retrograde and wonders if he should push it back farther.