Psight Unseen

Psight Unseen #16: 2015 — Year of Reconciliation

Originally aired live on 2015-01-07

Special guest and Celtic tonal healer Marcia Reichert joins Danielle for this episode. January 3rd was a full Cancer moon and planet Uranus is squaring off with Pluto. 2015 is the year of reconciliation and people are experiencing changes. Comet Lovejoy is also passing by Earth tonight. We have an opportunity to evaluate what no longer serves us.

Caller Brian, from Michigan, reminds us that we are in a Mercury retrograde shadow period which started on the 6th. He goes on to tell us about how he was attacked by two dogs on December 29th, then felt a negative rush on Jan 1-2 and turned it around by focusing on the positive. Susan, from California, feels like things are speeding up around her but she is stuck where she’s at.

You’ll really want to listen to this episode for a special treat from Marcia as she gives a sampling of her tonal healing music!