Psight Unseen

Psight Unseen #15: Year-End Transitions, aka “Crunch Time”

Originally aired live on 2014-12-17

Be accountable for everything you do, and do your best to eliminate excuses. 2015 is the year for nice guys to finish FIRST!

Mary, from Spokane, describes an unsettling feeling she has been experiencing recently. Janette, from Colorado Springs, has been feeling old cruft from the past return and cause some frustration and anger. Janice, from Spokane, has been experiencing a very stressful year and is looking for encouragement for the next year. And April, from Billings, recently had her fiance call things off due to fears from old relationships creeping in.

Listen in for the advise Danielle gives these callers and more tips for handling your own year-end “crunch time”.