Psight Unseen

Psight Unseen #11: Ghosts

Originally aired live on 2014-11-19

Today, November 19, 2014, the 9th circuit court of Montana ruled that same-sex marriage is legal and Danielle reminds her listeners that love is winning!

Intuitive Tammy Mehlhaff joins this show for a discussion all about ghosts and the dynamics of ghost hunting, such as measurable electro-magnetic energy. People lose up to 3 ounces upon death… aka “the soul”. Danielle and Tammy talk about the investigation at Montgomery House and also describe a haunted building in downtown Billings: originally the Peter Yegen trading store and former Granny’s Attic. When ghost hunting, don’t assume the spirit is negative. But if you encounter an aggressive spirit, they may not know what year or century it is, so feel free to remind them.

Caller Tammy from Georgia has read that sea salt can protect you, that ghosts will respond to crystalline structures. She also describes some vortexes that her and her kids would see.