The IntelScanner

The IntelScanner #69: Feminism & The Sexual Revolution

Originally aired live on 2015-04-28

We here at the IntelScanner felt it was about time we got in touch with our feminine side and discuss a topic that is dear to all of our hearts, feminism and the feminist movement. From its humble beginnings in France, to the sexual-revolution of the 60’s, all the way to today in America where everyday we get to witness the wonderful gifts of the feminist movement!! A society over-loaded with single mothers on welfare, a society filled with over-sexualized women who spread STDs at a frightening rate, a society where the family structure has completely deteriorated into a communist-welfare nightmare. Wage-discrepancy, Alfred Kinsey, Pornography, Susan B. Anthony, anything having to do with feminism and the feminist movement we will be discussing!!