The IntelScanner

The IntelScanner #60: The Invasion of Panama & The Large Hadron Collider

Originally aired live on 2015-02-17

In December of 1989 the United States launched an all-out assault on the country of Panama using a variety of extremely high-tech weaponry. Why did this happen? Was super-CIA-asset Manuel Noriega making the wrong deals with enemies of US intelligence? Was Noriega just an out-of-control drug-dealer that needed to be stopped? Are there more sinister reasons why the US government would invade a defenseless 3rd world country with brute force? We will discuss many conspiracies surrounding this horrifying piece of recent American history.

For the second half of the show we will be discussing the Large Hadron Collider. Is it a time-machine? Is it a space portal? Is it a weapon?