The IntelScanner #51: The Average Right-Wing/Left-Leaning Anti-Pro-Non-Black Society

Originally aired live on 2014-12-16

So let me get this WHITE, in the midst of all these BLACK days to come we hope to shed just a little WHITE on the subject. Let’s get BLACK to basics, we might not be WHITE but we see a crack in the system. No CRACKERjack games here, just hangin’ around burning up the air-waves, this show is on fire!! No WHITE can escape the singularity of the BLACK whole. If you do the WHITE things unto others then good things come BLACK to you!! As we look BLACK we hope we are WHITE but we may be WONG!! Call-Ins always welcome 406-545-4496. If you don’t get through WHITE away you can always call BLACK. JEW get it? I did NA-ZI this coming!

Inspired by the WHITEous essay that will spin your head BLACKwards! “There’s More Than One Kind of Pig: A Call For Non-Black People to Stop Policing Black Resistance”