The Earth Ship #29: Scarsign

Originally aired live on 2015-01-29

South of Germany, 12 July 2012. Five experienced musicians, active since many years in the german metal Underground, having buried all their former projects, join up in a practice room in Gaildorf to jam. The adrenaline explosion of that session gives birth to a new chapter of their musical career. The SCARSIGN story begins.

GrIngo: Vocals & Lyrics
Elias: Lead Guitar & Arrangements
Moe: Drums
Phil: Bass guitar & Samples
Rob: Rhythm guitar & backing vocals

The first commandment is: Groove ’em all! Groove in the guitar riffing, in the drumming, in the vocal shouts and screaming. Moshing oriented riffs with melodic unconventional choruses are SCARSIGN’s trademark.
SCARSIGN’s roots dig deep into the 90’s second wave of thrash. Their sound takes off from the groovy attitude of that background, to carry on a modern metal, implemented and enhanced by atmospheric wicked electronic samples that, far from being just decorative interludes, are an essential part of the songwriting. If groove is the first rule to set off the headbanging, catchiness is the counterbalance to the aggressive riffing and the brutal screaming. SCARSIGN perform a compact, straightforward, dynamic modern groove thrash which attracts with powerful riffing and seduces with melancholic melodies, deliberately taking distance from any current trend. The second Commandment is: No fillers, just killers!

SCARSIGN is a word-game recalling the starsign, its influence on identity, personality and destiny. The “Scar” replaces the star, being the visible trace of the past, the inevitable wounds through which we grow up and become mature human beings and artists. The SCARSIGN is the reminder of the pain which forged our character. No art can be conceived or created without suffering, without struggle there is no evolution. Everyone is scarred, the name reminds us that the goal is not to avoid the pain, but to overcome it and learn, step forward, progress in our personal and artistic evolution.

The razorblade in the Scarsign logo is not meant as a self-destructive element. The blade is the ambivalent symbol which stands for the cause of pain as well as the source of progression. It harms but it also cuts out the unnecessary, the hypocrisy, the illusion. Last but not least, the razorblade is a tribute to one of the greatest guitar players in the history of metal: Dimebag Darrel (R.I.P.).

Conceived as free poems, all lyrics are intimate and deal with self critical issues from an unconventional point of view. They are a mirror towards our sick society and all its contradictions. They express feelings like restrain, inner violence, the struggle of serving integrity in a hypocritical world. Rage, fear, conflicts and death are displayed through a pessimistic eye, with sober, cynical and yet passionate realism.

SCARSIGN address their music to a wide audience of metalheads. Their range will satisfy both extreme aggression fans and sing-along catchiness lovers, serving even the niche of electronic soundscape addicts.