Demanding Progress

Demanding Progress #28: Local Music Awards + Interview with Know-Madik!

Originally aired live on 2015-01-03

Live and uncensored internet radio show on We unveil The Demanding Progress Show’s local music awards!!! Followed by a special interview with KNOW-MADIK!

Biography for Know-Madik TheArtist:

Know-Madik was born on June 18th 1987 in Richmond, IN. The half black half white artist grew up in poverty as a Navy Brat in a split family. Know-Madik would move to a new residence about every year on average. From the biggest cities, to smallest towns Know-Madik’s Family could only afford the cheapest areas. He Lived in 6 States, IN, MD, UT, CA, VA, MT. 26 residences and attended 12 schools all before he even began the 10th grade. . . now that’s nomadic. . .Being raised by an Islamic father, a Mormon stepfather and a Christian mother in several different environments helped mold his mental diversity. It was very easy for him to relate to everyone…but almost impossible for anyone to relate to him. While in school he daydreamed as the teachers lectured, doodling and writing out his thoughts in rhymes and songs. Though his grades were sometimes below average he was very smart and became infatuated with reading and books by 4th Grade. Reading all day and night he quickly fell in love with words. By 5th Grade he wrote his first song. By 8th Grade he recorded his first song. By 9th Grade he recorded his first album. Now at the age of 26 he has written and recorded on over 400 songs. He is the founder and a member of his Rap Group ?BLACK INF?. . . and a Proud Member of FRE$H GOOD$. His love for music has grown into a life long passion. He walks, talks, and breaths hip-hop, rapping, and freestyle. Know-Madik has a massive vocabulary that scares off the most talented lyricist. He prides himself on the Honesty in his music and bieng able to adapt to different genres. He is now living in California to pursue his dreams. To some, he is one of the Greatest Artists in history. To others, he is just another rapper trying to make it. So. . . . I guess its up for you to decide . . . . .