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    MT Radio.Net turned 1 year old this November and we have been hard at work to bring you more local music. A number of awesome local acts have submitted tunes over the past year and we are happy to say we now have them in general rotation!

    Tune in any time at play.mtradio.net and hear regional music from:

    Arkheron Thodol
    Danielle Egnew
    Demonified Necrogenetic Anomoly
    END ever
    Idaho Green
    Idiot Kid Arsenal
    Imagination Loop Station
    In Rapture
    J. Dub
    Jericho 7
    Killin' KANE
    Klot Vomit and the Dryheeves
    Magik City Music Group
    Nathan North
    New Squids on the Dock
    No Cigar
    Past Mars
    Poetic Intelligence
    Pope Jane
    Rachel Ess
    Raymond J. Warden
    Rumor Vs. Reality
    Stormy Knight Music
    Stranded By Choice
    Switch OFF Safety
    The Cosmic Roots
    RSP The Rich Stafford Project
    Unicorn Cannery
    Walking Corpse Syndrome
    Young Hittaz

    For a wider mix we bring you World-Wide Weekends starting every Friday at 6 PM and lasting through Sunday night. During World-Wide Weekends you can hear music from all around the world as well as your local favorites. Catch these additional artists during World-Wide Weekends:

    Backseat Bordello
    Darci Carlson Music
    element a440
    Whiteboy Slim
    Ralphy's Music of the World - Saturdays at 9 PM

    A big Thanks to all the talented musicians that have sent in their music! We support local music, and you can too! Give their pages a like, catch them at a local show, buy some merchandise.

    See a band missing from these lists? Just have them upload their tracks at mtradio.net/content/upload.

  • Featured ImageSaturday June 7 – Open House Brouhaha!

    Come one, come all! It’s Spring outside and we’re opening the doors at MT Radio.Net starting at Noon this Saturday! Meet the not-as-scary-as-you-think volunteers that bring MT Radio.Net together, and feel free to loiter around! We offer you a glimpse to see how this community effort continues to trudge on forward, somehow broadcasting new material every week, on such meager means and outdated (oops I really meant straightforward, proven, and fun!) loaner equipment!

    Throughout the day we’ll be soliciting your help to flex your voice for the radio and help us make some stingers and little comedy bits. No experience necessary, and participation is NOT required (though encouraged)! This is NOT a live broadcast… we are recording material for new shows in production.

    Come in and record your voice for some new short comedy shows! Some ideas under development include… “The New Adventures of Lewis & Clark”, “Father’s Confessions”, and “Race-Mart”! We’re also busy writing stories for newly-created characters like Dr. Espio Nage and Special Agent Newman Johnsfeld. Some of you probably have your own ideas too… let’s put them on the radio!

    This Saturday, Escape the Afternoon Showers…
    Say Hi and Swing By, Laugh for Hours!

    Rumor has it that there will be some (limited) refreshments available… bubbly, sodas, nuts/chips, etc. Take a little break from your Saturday routine, after lunch, and hang out with some of the MT Radio.Net crowd!

    The MT Radio.Net Open House + Open Mic Comedy Brouhaha begins at Noon and wraps up at 5 PM this Saturday, June 7th. Capacity in the studio is limited so we apologize in advance if we aren’t able to get you on in the time permitted.

    We are happy to accommodate ALL AGES at this event, though under 15 must be accompanied by a parent. “Party-Seekers” or anyone deemed too rowdy or otherwise disrespectful to the property, event mission, staff or other attendees will be turned away immediately. We must also remind everyone that MT Radio.Net embraces and fully promotes the freedom of speech, with a sense of civic duty, so BE AWARE OF POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO EXPLICIT CONTENT BY LISTENING TO, VISITING, AND/OR PARTICIPATING WITH MT RADIO.NET, their associates, products, services, or events.

    RSVP encouraged but not required (click here)

  • Featured ImageHow are we doing?

    We’ve just launched a new website and have some fresh music for you coming in the next few weeks. Give us your feedback and let us know how we’re doing. What problems are you having with the website? What would you like to see that’s missing? Post a comment here or anywhere where else and we’ll do our best to take care of it!

    Thank you. This project would not be possible without the support of our community.