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  • Featured ImageThe Earth Ship #29: Scarsign

    Originally aired live on 2015-01-29

    South of Germany, 12 July 2012. Five experienced musicians, active since many years in the german metal Underground, having buried all their former projects, join up in a practice room in Gaildorf to jam. The adrenaline explosion of that session gives birth to a new chapter of their musical career. The SCARSIGN story begins.

    GrIngo: Vocals & Lyrics
    Elias: Lead Guitar & Arrangements
    Moe: Drums
    Phil: Bass guitar & Samples
    Rob: Rhythm guitar & backing vocals

    The first commandment is: Groove ’em all! Groove in the guitar riffing, in the drumming, in the vocal shouts and screaming. Moshing oriented riffs with melodic unconventional choruses are SCARSIGN’s trademark.
    SCARSIGN’s roots dig deep into the 90’s second wave of thrash. Their sound takes off from the groovy attitude of that background, to carry on a modern metal, implemented and enhanced by atmospheric wicked electronic samples that, far from being just decorative interludes, are an essential part of the songwriting. If groove is the first rule to set off the headbanging, catchiness is the counterbalance to the aggressive riffing and the brutal screaming. SCARSIGN perform a compact, straightforward, dynamic modern groove thrash which attracts with powerful riffing and seduces with melancholic melodies, deliberately taking distance from any current trend. The second Commandment is: No fillers, just killers!

    SCARSIGN is a word-game recalling the starsign, its influence on identity, personality and destiny. The “Scar” replaces the star, being the visible trace of the past, the inevitable wounds through which we grow up and become mature human beings and artists. The SCARSIGN is the reminder of the pain which forged our character. No art can be conceived or created without suffering, without struggle there is no evolution. Everyone is scarred, the name reminds us that the goal is not to avoid the pain, but to overcome it and learn, step forward, progress in our personal and artistic evolution.

    The razorblade in the Scarsign logo is not meant as a self-destructive element. The blade is the ambivalent symbol which stands for the cause of pain as well as the source of progression. It harms but it also cuts out the unnecessary, the hypocrisy, the illusion. Last but not least, the razorblade is a tribute to one of the greatest guitar players in the history of metal: Dimebag Darrel (R.I.P.).

    Conceived as free poems, all lyrics are intimate and deal with self critical issues from an unconventional point of view. They are a mirror towards our sick society and all its contradictions. They express feelings like restrain, inner violence, the struggle of serving integrity in a hypocritical world. Rage, fear, conflicts and death are displayed through a pessimistic eye, with sober, cynical and yet passionate realism.

    SCARSIGN address their music to a wide audience of metalheads. Their range will satisfy both extreme aggression fans and sing-along catchiness lovers, serving even the niche of electronic soundscape addicts.



  • Featured ImageThe Earth Ship #27: Raymond Hayden

    Originally aired live on 2015-01-01

    Raymond Hayden is a man of many talents. He is a singer, a song writer, and amazingly gifted piano player. He started playing piano at age 19 and has honed his passion and talents to a unique presence on stage that exudes technical savvy and a complete love for the music industry. All of this combined has made him a relevant and integral part of the Tacoma and Seattle music scene.

    Growing up, his biggest musical influence was Chicago. They inspired him the most because every time he heard their music he felt like playing and being in a position like them to inspire and touch people. Currently Ray connects to Pink Floyd because it takes him to another place outside the normal stresses of life; and that is just what Raymond Hayden?s music does for his listeners.

    Ray’s music is best described as Pink Floyd infused with Toto, Supertramp, Chicago, and a smidge of George Winston and Elton John. His voice has a natural beauty to it that embodies the deep reflections found within the humanness he connects to in his music and reaches one at a core level. All the accolades aside, Ray still says he feels nervous, anxious and lucky to get the chance to make people feel when he is on stage.
    Innovative and provocative, Ray decided to create his own reality when finding it hard to get radio, press gigs, etc. and co-created Maurice the Fish Records in 2007. He also has a radio show, The Aquarium. These venues help him keep his fingers on the pulse of what is currently happening in his own backyard and around the rest of the relevant music industry, and allows him to network with other talented like-minded music professionals.
    Raymond Hayden is a man with a big heart who is determined to build, create and share a life worth living with others. His work ethics alone will blow your mind and the one thing that MTFR and her culture have proven to him is that success looks different to everyone and that ultimately if he affects one person?s life he has achieved this.

    Ray is definitely a bright light in a scene that can be dark at times. He has managed to stay on top of this by shifting his perspective from a life spent focusing more on why it is hard to find success to now writing and focusing his efforts on why it is possible to find success, happiness and true serenity within. Mainly by believing that if you believe in yourself you are half way there….

    You can find Raymond Hayden performing keyboards for Nolan Garrett or in his band, Raymond Hayden and the Monsters in the Dark. He has four albums on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon: A Doorway Through Your Tears (Full length CD); September Sky (Full Length CD); Broken (EP); By Your Side (Single). Raymond has performed on over 25 albums with other artists and is a member of BMI, a Grammy voting member, and a mentor to young musicians regarding the music business and showmanship. This is a man who is living his dream and helping others to define and reach for theirs.



  • Featured ImageThe Earth Ship #26: Element a440

    Originally aired live on 2014-12-18

    Element a440 delivers an intelligent brand of edgy, hook-heavy, dark, melodic rock. The raw power of live instruments combines with hypnotic synth sounds to enthtrall the listener, drawing them into an intricate web of sound. Spreading from the band to the individual, the intense lyrics and seductive sounds merge with the mind and body, through the crowd like an epidemic until all are as one. With the experience earned after three full album releases and a national tour, Element A440 offers a complete experience for the ears, eyes, and psyche.



  • Featured ImageThe Earth Ship #25: Leona X

    Originally aired live on 2014-12-11

    Leona X, AKA “Leo”, is a hard-rocking singer and lead guitarist, formerly of all-girl rock band, Jaggedy Ann, who’s album, “Boiling Point”, was produced by the one and only Phil Rudd of AC/DC. With a dynamic stage presence, ripping guitar solos, and a powerful sound, she is what you get if you mix Joan Jett, Angus Young, and a little bit of Vegas.

    Leo has been described as being like a kiss of dynamite, jaw dropping, electrifying, and sexy, and will leave you wanting more! So catch your breath, and get prepared for an experience you won?t ever forget!



  • Featured ImageThe Earth Ship #24: D. Cannons

    Originally aired live on 2014-12-04

    D. Cannons is a hip-hop artist from Fairfield, CA, a city within California’s Bay Area. At the age of 10, Cannons started writing rhymes and by 18 he was rapping all the time. Born in Vallejo, CA and raised in Fairfield, Cannons found inspiration and influence in many artists such as Pharrell Williams, Busta Rhymes, Timbaland, and Missy Elliott.

    His first project released was “The Application Mixtape” in 2005. Since then he has released 10 projects, with “All Positions Filled: Vol. 3” being the most recent. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the Bay Area music scene including Sage the Gemini of HBK Gang, Smoovie Baby of Black Money Music Group, The Paramediks, and more. In the winter of 2014, the 39-time Thizzler.com veteran is embarking on his first regional tour coinciding with the release of his upcoming project, “Fairaoh”.

    In the future, the sky is the limit. Known for his rapid flow, witty punchlines, and versatility, D. Cannons is one of the hottest up-and-comers in the ever emerging Bay Area music scene. Be sure to catch him at a club near you!



  • Featured ImageThe Earth Ship #23: World5

    Originally aired live on 2014-11-20

    Formed summer 2011, WORLD5 is the Pop-Rock band formed around lead singer and Grammy Award Winner Pat Hunt.

    WORLD5’s founding members and old friends, guitarist Steffen Goeres, saxophonist Stephan Goessl and drummer Raimund Breitfeld have played together since their teenage years. Although life and personal projects put them in different locations around the globe, they kept alive the desires of making music together over the years.

    Realizing that very long distances separate them physically but not musically, they recorded their first album “Global Experience” over 3 continents together with former members Don Bruner and Roland Childs.

    The band’s global influenced pop-rock sound drew the interest of Texans Pat Hunt and Randy Miller, who produced the bands first album, and they joined the band December 2012. June 2013 brought the departure of saxophonist Stephan Goessl and the arrival of Texan guitarist Joe Gavito. And so, the current World5 lineup is once again complete. Pat Hunt, Randy Miller, and Joe Gavito have played and worked together as musicians, songwriters and producers for 30 years in the music business.

    WORLD5 are:

    Pat Hunt: lead vocals, keyboards
    Randy Miller: bass, vocals
    Steffen Goeres: lead & acoustic guitars, trumpet, flugelhorn
    Joe Gavito: electric guitars
    Raimund Breitfeld: drums, percussion



  • Featured ImageThe Earth Ship #22: WhiteBoy Slim

    Originally aired live on 2014-11-13

    Whiteboy Slim has earned three awards at the 2007 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Music Awards–Best Blues Album, Best Blues Song (“Hey Hold On Stop”), and Best Males Blues Artist..

    “It Ain’t Art” won Honorable Mention in the first round of the 2007 Singer/Songwriter Awards.

    2007- was given the “True Blues Man” award for perpetuating and preserving the Blues by The Black American Blues Historical Society of Canada.

    In 2005 he was nominated Best Blues Act –Toronto Independent Music Awards.

    Whiteboy Slim — radioindy — 13 Jan 2010.
    Whiteboy Slim knows the Blues. With a voice that channels the spirit of outsized legend, Howlin? Wolf, the harp skills (and tone) to rival Little Walter, the confidence to stretch the blues lexicon without betraying its artistic center, and a crack band that could?ve cut its teeth on the west side of Chicago.

    Whiteboy Slim has played music since he was a child, learning trumpet, piano, and sousaphone before he discovered the blues and picked up guitar and harmonica. From his first time on stage in a rock band when he was sixteen, he knew his path in life.

    While studying at the Berkelee College of Music in Boston, he rubbed shoulders with musicians like Gary Burton, pianist Al Copley (co-founder of Roomful of Blues), and bassist Ron McClure (bassist with Charles Lloyd, Wynton Kelly, Quest, The 4th Way, Joe Henderson, Blood, Sweat & Tears, The Pointer Sisters, Sarah Vaughan, Thelonious Monk).

    After years on the road in everything from showbands to top-40 cover bands, he landed in Toronto where he founded the New Wave Band “Dirty Movies” which still has fans today.

    Finally returning to his first love, he formed the Blues Band “Automatic Slim”, which played most of the blues clubs in the city, including the legendary El Mocambo, The Silver Dollar Saloon, and the Black Swan. Automatic Slim was the house band at four different clubs on different nights of the week, and was noted for having best grossing Wednesday night downstairs at the El Mocambo.

    After Automatic Slim broke up, he played solo before moving west and starting fresh as Whiteboy Slim. playing bars and festivals such as the Sasktel Jazz Festival, The Mid-Winter Blues Festival, The Prairie Arts Festival, the Flatland Music Festival, Blues for Peace, and many others.
    in 2014, Whiteboy released two albums–“Box? What Box?” a two record set that contains both traditional Blues and genre-bending experimental track, and “Live at the Plains Hotel” recently remixed tracks from performances in 2005.
    The 2010 release “I’m Still Here” spent over six months in the top ten of the Canadian Roots and Blues charts. It contained the song “Hey Little Girl” was named Best Blues Song by Toronto Exclusive Magazine.



  • Featured ImageThe Earth Ship #21: KaNcErUs in a Rare Acoustic Performance

    Originally aired live on 2014-11-06

    Join us for a rare metal acoustic performance live in the studio with Josh and Katy a show not to be missed. KaNcErUs is a five piece metal band from Billings, Montana started in 2007. They have shared the stage with many well known artists including Primer 55, The Marc Rizzo band, Today Is The Day, Aroarah, Fall From Grace, Adjacent To Nothing, Jesus Rides A Riksha, Hypnogaja, and MDC.



  • Featured ImageThe Earth Ship #20: No Cigar

    Originally aired live on 2014-10-30

    Hailing from Montana, No Cigar is a band that started from the frustration and inspiration of each member’s musical and life experiences. Seeded by 3 years of touring and recording with Colorado-based band the Photo Atlas, former drummer Nick Miles has now abandoned his place behind the drum kit to challenge himself as front-man on this new project.

    No Cigar fits right in between the catchy appeal of pop punk and the grit of early emo/screamo – a great compromise between the eclectic arrangements of Taking Back Sunday and fresh hooks a la All Time Low.

    The band thankfully strays from the over-produced aesthetics too often associated with the genre, following D.I.Y. ethics and self-producing their own material in order to achieve a more organic and personal sound, but also to be emotionally closer to their art and to the ideals behind this band.